St Mary's Church


St Mary’s Church, which dates back to the 12C, enjoys a prominent position at the centre of the village. The church has a regular and active congregation who worship together regularly and who aim to serve the village.

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St Laurence's Church


St Laurence’s Church has stood at the centre of the village of Foxton for the past 1000 years and is still attended today by a small but active congregation of worshippers.

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All Saints Church


All Saints is an historic 12th century church which is in regular use today with a small but active congregation.

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St George's Church


St George’s is an historic 12th century church which is in regular use today with a small but active congregation. Our congregation covers all age ranges and young families are well represented amongst our members.

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The Four Church Benefice is a group of village churches in South Cambridgeshire comprising of St Mary’s Fowlmere, St Laurence’s Foxton, All Saints’ Shepreth and St George’s Thriplow.

We aim to reach out to every member of our community offering them occasions to meet with God within our worship and life together, to take opportunities to explore their faith and to receive support and help during the milestones on life’s journey.

Our Rector Revd. Angela Melaniphy is available to all members of the community. Please don’t hesitate to contact Revd Angela either, through the website or, by email  – see link below, or telephone 01763 208195 should you need pastoral support or would like her to pray for anything that is concerning you.

Please continue to look after yourselves and  STAY SAFE and let us know if you need any spiritual or practical support. Three of our churches are open for   individual private prayer during the week (Sadly it isn’t possible for Shepreth Church to be open) and we are now worshipping fortnightly at each church. For fuller details go to the Calendar Events Section. We still have networks of people providing help where needed and we can put you in touch with the right people to support you.


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Our Services

Sunday  24th September

* denotes recorded service. See below for link

9.30           Holy Communion at St Laurence’s, Foxton*

11.00         Harvest Festival at St Mary’s Church, Fowlmere for Fowlmere and Thriplow





Holy Communion from Shepreth 17th September 2023








View from the Rectory

View From The Rectory

September 2023

When I worked in Hackney I ran a support group for non-documented migrant women. These women lived beneath the radar and were very vulnerable and in very difficult circumstances. Some had been trafficked by people smugglers for domestic or sex work; others had escaped war, famine, violence and murder in their own countries. Because of the way they had arrived in the country they had no right to work, receive benefits or be homed within the system. They were literally invisible.


Our group gave them support and advice in childcare, put them in touch with solicitors who would work with them to apply for leave to remain in the UK. We provided food, clothing, other necessary items and friendship and support.

There were occasions where one of the women would find herself in a very vulnerable position and we had to help them move from where they were staying and find them  a safe room in a hotel or occasionally my own home. They needed somewhere to store their belongings. One particular lady needed to be moved quickly and I stored her belongings in my home. Soon after that she stopped coming to the group and to all intents and purposes vanished.


When I moved from Hackney to Fowlmere,  not feeling I could dispose of them I brought her belongings with me.  Then, two weeks ago, I got a message on the Sunday evening saying she would be here on Tuesday morning to collect her belongings. I confess I was fairly peeved. I had looked after her things for ten years and she was giving me 36 hours to get them out of storage, make them available for her to collect and make time to be there as well because she wanted to see me.


In fact, when she arrived, it was clear that she wasn’t interested in her belongings. She would take them away but she had travelled here with her new partner to thank me for what I had done for her when life was so difficult. Things were clearly going well. She had a British passport a good job and her son, now 15, was doing well at school.  She had not forgotten my support and had come, after 10 years, to say thank you.  I was embarrassed for having felt grumpy and reflected on the blessing of gratitude. It can be easy to accept the love and care someone has shown us and even take it for granted. But true gratitude is a special thing. I didn’t do it for thanks, I did it out of compassion, but it was nice to know that it had been appreciated and the money she gave me is now available for someone else in need. The flowers and the wine I will enjoy!


Angela Melaniphy                                                                           September 2023

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What's Going On?

Getting married in the Four Church Benefice

Some good reasons for getting married in the church:

  • A wedding is one of life’s greatest moments
  • A time of solemn commitment as well as good wishes, feasting and joy
  • A public and life-long covenant, declared and celebrated in the presence of God and before witnesses

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