St Mary's Church


St Mary’s Church, which dates back to the 12C, enjoys a prominent position at the centre of the village. The church has a regular and active congregation who worship together regularly and who aim to serve the village.

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St Laurence's Church


St Laurence’s Church has stood at the centre of the village of Foxton for the past 1000 years and is still attended today by a small but active congregation of worshippers.

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All Saints Church


All Saints is an historic 12th century church which is in regular use today with a small but active congregation.

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St George's Church


St George’s is an historic 12th century church which is in regular use today with a small but active congregation. Our congregation covers all age ranges and young families are well represented amongst our members.

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The Four Church Benefice is a group of village churches in South Cambridgeshire comprising of St Mary’s Fowlmere, St Laurence’s Foxton, All Saints Shepreth and St George’s Thriplow.

We aim to reach out to every member of our community offering them occasions to meet with God within our worship and life together, to take opportunities to explore their faith and to receive support and help during the milestones on life’s journey.

Our Rector Revd. Angela Melaniphy is available to all members of the community. Please don’t hesitate to contact Revd Angela either, through the website or, by email  – see link below, or telephone 01763 208195 should you need pastoral support or would like her to pray for anything that is concerning you.

Please continue to look after yourselves and  STAY SAFE and let us know if you need any spiritual or practical support. Three of our churches are open for   individual private prayer during the week (Sadly it isn’t possible for Shepreth Church to be open) and we are now worshipping fortnightly at each church. For fuller details go to the Calendar Events Section. We still have networks of people providing help where needed and we can put you in touch with the right people to support you.


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Support our Churches During Covid-19

Following the relaxation  of restrictions on 19th July you no longer need to book a space to worship and we are no longer are keeping a 2 metre distance from other people. However we do ask you as a matter of courtesy to others to continue to wear face coverings because the services are indoors

We will update you as soon as we are able about when we expect to sing in church and how we will be receiving communion

Services this week

There are  services in two of our churches every week

We will continue to record a service every week which will be available via a link from the website by 1.0pm each Sunday.

* denotes recorded Service

If you know anyone who doesn’t use the internet but would appreciate the service recorded on a CD please let Revd Angela know.

Services this week

25th July 

9.30 am Holy Communion at Laurence’s Foxton *


See below for the link to the Holy Communion Service at Foxton on 25th July

Hioly Communion 25th July

View from the Rectory

April 2021






Those of you who read my blog   will be very familiar with my lovely Ginger Cat Erik (The Red!). He featured regularly because he was such an integral part of my life and it was such a comfort to have his loving and supportive company during this last difficult year.

Erik was a rescue cat found on the streets of Cambridge in March 2018 and taken to the Cat Protection League because of an infected wound on his face. I adopted him in September 2018 and when he came to me he was described by the CPL as being ‘a very shy boy’. The truth was he was an extremely traumatised individual and probably suffering from PTSD.

I named him Erik after Erik the Red, the famous Norwegian explorer, as he was ginger and had had a very adventurous life. Homing Erik took enormous patience and care. For his first month he lived in an upturned cardboard  box in my prayer room.  It was two months before he ventured downstairs and six months before I thought he considered the house to be his safe home and was confident to let him outside.

Having Erik living with me has been incredibly rewarding because slowly, gradually he learned to trust; to not expect whenever I came near that he would be hit or kicked.  He was courageous, gentle and loving, confident and even bossy. Sadly he became ill, developing a growth on his spinal cord that meant that in March we had to say farewell to him. I was devastated because I have had such a short time with a truly remarkable chap – but comforted by the fact that he had had two and a half very good years.

So why am I telling you Erik’s story? Well not to blow my own trumpet because I received far more from Erik than I gave to him; but because his story is one of redemption and hope, of rescue and salvation. It has strong echoes of the Easter story. Like Erik the human race was lost and wandering in an alien environment.

We were damaged by our experiences and needed rescuing. In Jesus Christ God came to earth to live amongst us and in offering himself for us on the cross brought us out of slavery and because he rose from the dead brought us new life. He has transformed our situation in the same way that love and care and respect transformed Erik’s situation.

The Covd19  Vaccination programme has had a similar transformational effect on our lives. It has given us hope and new life, enabled us to slowly reduce the restrictions on our lives and to start again anew.

And at this Easter tide as we remember God’s love that reached out to us to bring us new life and new hope let us take the opportunity to turn to him and transform us and our lives.





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What's Going On?

Getting married in the Four Church Benefice

Some good reasons for getting married in the church:

  • A wedding is one of life’s greatest moments
  • A time of solemn commitment as well as good wishes, feasting and joy
  • A public and life-long covenant, declared and celebrated in the presence of God and before witnesses

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