FOSM (Friends of St Mary’s) AGM

Please join us for our annual General Meeting

Event Details

Location:   St Mary's, Fowlmere 
Date:  01/03/2020
Time:  12:10 pm

The Friends of St Marys Church, Fowlmere will hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday 01 Mar 20 at 12:10 pm in St Mary’s ChurchAt the AGM, the Friends will report on activities and elect a management committee for 2020.  So, after the morning service that day, grab a tea, coffee and a biscuit or cake from the Dorothy Pluck room and come into the chancel and join us.  The meeting shouldn’t last long, and you’ll get to find out who runs the Friends and how they operate.  More importantly influence what is being done for you and your church.  For further information, or if you wish to raise an issue at the AGM, help on the committee or serve in any way – please contact Barry Jones on 01763 208575 or email

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