Friends of St Mary’s Pop up Fruit Stall

It is now prime fruit season so come and buy lovely fresh local fruit

Event Details

Location:   Dove House, Rectory Lane, Fowlmere
Date:  16/09/2023

So we will have Victorias, Wallis Wonder, and President plums. There will be Katy and Festival eating apples, Howgate Wonder cookers, and Beurre Hardy and Conference pears. Everything will be in 600g punnets. If choosing is too hard, we will offer pick-n-mix with everything at a special price this week of £3.00, (for punnets of plums or for a kilogram of apples and pears).  We will also have some apple juice and preserves.

We hope to see you again on Saturday.  Please bring your shopping basket and any return punnets.  And for the observant there is a spot the unexpected item in the bagging area competition.

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