A collection of sermons preached  at our four churches

Sunday 22nd January 2023: Called to be . . . a Christian  (Rev’d David)

Sunday 15th January 2023: Telling the Good News  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 8th January 2023: What a privilege  (Rev’d David)

Sunday 1st January 2023:  Jesus saving us   (Revd Angela)

Sunday 11th december 2022:  Preparing the way   (Revd Angela)

Sunday 27th November 2022:  Standing Ready    (Revd Angela)

Sunday 20th November 2022: Preparing to Prepare  (Rev’d David)

Sunday 13th November 2022: Friends  (Rev’d David)

Sunday 6th November 2022: The promised King  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 30th October 2022: KNowing God and his power in us    (Revd Angela)

Sunday 23rd October 2022: Prayer that pleases God  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 16th October 2022: The Bible – our pricesless gift  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 9th October 2022: Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 2nd October 2022: A harvest of abundance  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 25th September 2022: Making the most of our opportunities  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 18th September 2022: If I was preaching at the Queen’s funeral  (Rev’d David)

Sunday 11th September 2022: Queen Elizabeth II – a life driven by faith  (Rev’d David)

Sunday 4th September 2022: The Cost of Discipleship (Rev’d David)

Sunday 28th August 2022: Humility – a vital tool of the trade (Rev’d David)

Sunday 21st August 2022: Born to be (Rev’d David)

Sunday 14th August 2022:  Not peace but division  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 7th August 2022: Walk well with God (Rev’d David)

Sunday 31st July 2022: Don’t forget God (Rev’d David)

Sunday 24th July 2022: Teach us to pray (Rev’d David)

Sunday 17th July 2022: How to Welcome Jesus (Rev’d David)

Sunday 10th July 2022: Loving God is not enough  (Rev’d David)

Sunday 3rd July 2022:  Thomas who   (Revd. Angela)

Sunday 26th June 2022:  The cost of following Jesus  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 19th June 2022: Conquering being afraid (Rev’d David)

Sunday 12th June 2022: Ordinary People (Rev’d David)

Sunday 5th June 2022:  The fire of the spirit   (Revd Angela)

Sunday 29th May 2022: Freedom for everyone    (Revd Angela)

Sunday 22nd May 2022: Are you ready to be re-routed (Rev’d David)

Sunday 15th May 2022: Evangelism in action

Sunday 8th May 2022:  Do we get what we pray for Acts 9  (Karen Butler-Clarke: Occasional preacher)

Sunday 8th May 2022: Peter demonstrating discipleship (Rev’d David)

Sunday 1st may 2022: Transformed by love

Sunday 24th April 2022:  The risen Christ – the healer

Sunday 17th April 2022: Be ready for surprises (Rev’d David)

Friday 15th April 2022: Watch and Pray 2022 – words from the cross (Rev’d David @ Shepreth)

Sunday 10th April 2022:  A planned entrance

Sunday 3rd April 2022: Don’t let the past distract you from the present (Rev’d David)

Sunday 3rd April 2022:  The God who transforms us

Sunday 27th March 2022:  What makes a mother

Sunday 20th march 2022:  The generous invitation

Sunday 6th March 2022Dealing with the devil

Sunday 27th February 2022:The transforming Power of God

Sunday 20th February 2022: Who is this man!

Sunday 13th February 2022: The sermon on the plain

Sunday 6th February 2022:  Letting Jesus lead us.pdf

Sunday 30th January 2022:  The Presentation in the Temple  (Melanie Takac)

Sunday 23rd January 2022: The body beautiful  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 16th January 2022: True Joy (Rev’d David)

Sunday 16th January 2022: What can we ask God for  

Sunday 9th January 2022: We’re going on a journey

Sunday 2nd January 2022: Jesus is for everyone

Christmas Eve Midnight Communion: Jesus has made God known

Sunday 19th December 2021:  A joyous outpouring

Sunday 5th December 2021: Preparing the way  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 28th November 2021: Signs of hope  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 21st November 2021: Christ the King and His Kingdom (Revd David)

Sunday 14th November 2021: Conflict & Reconciliation (Revd David)

Sunday 14th November 2021: Conflict and cure – remembrance  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 7th November 2021: Running from God  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 31st October 2021: Jesus wept but why (Revd David)

Sunday 24th October 2021: You do have to ask (Revd David)

Sunday 24th October 2021:  Jesus helps us see  (Revd Angela)

Sunday 17th October 2021:Jesus THE great high priest (Rev David)

Sunday 17th October 2021:  King of the Castle    (All Age Worship)

Sunday 10th October 2021:  sharing God’s riches

Sunday 3rd October 2021: The potato Harvest

Sunday 26th September 2021:  The ministry of healing

Sunday 19th September 2021: Would you give up – what (Rev David)

Sunday 19th September 2021: Who is the greatest

Sunday 12th September 2021: Carrying our cross

Sunday 5th August 2021: trust in God as those Gentiles did (Rev David)

Sunday 5th August 2021: Meeting the marginalised

Sunday 29th August 2021: When tradition undermines faith

Sunday 22nd August 2021: The armour of God

Sunday 15th August 2021: That personal relationship thing

Sunday 8th August 2021:  Adopting the family likeness

Sunday 1st August 2021: Finding our place in the body

Sunday 25th July 2021: Power Games

Sunday 18th July 2021:  Barriers broken

Sunday 11th July 2021:  When power gets out of control

Sunday 4th July 2021: My power is greatest when you are weak

Sunday 27th June 2021: Wholeness, sin and forgiveness

Sunday 20th June 2021: Discerning what God is doing

Discerning what God is doing – Mel Takac

Sunday 13th June 2021: The commission and equipping of the disciples

Sunday 6th June 2021: Jesus ministry – saving and healing

Sunday 30th May 2021: Our God the healer and redeemer

Sunday 23rd May 2021: It was the most amazing day


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