A collection of sermons preached  at our four churches

Sunday 18th April 2021: Raising Expectations

Sunday 11th April 2021: Proclamation and Belief

Sunday 4th April 2021:  The meeting in th garden

Sunday 28th March 2021:  Jerusalem welcomes her King

Sunday 21st March 2021: Jesus’ internal struggle

Sunday 14th March 2021: Two Mothers

Sunday 7th March 2021: Corruption in God’s House

Sunday 28th February 2021:  God’s Looking Glass

Sunday 21st February 2021:The beginning of the Good News

Sunday 14th February 2021: How to use scripture

Sunday 7th February 2021: The Value of Scripture

Sunday 31st January 2021: The Power of Scripture

Sunday 24th January 2021: The purpose of Scripture

Sunday 17th January 2021:  Hearing and responding to God’s Call

Sunday 10th January 2021:  Genuine Faith

Sunday 3rd January 2021: Understanding what we are being told

Sunday 20th December: Highly Favoured Lady

Sunday 13th December: The Kingdom Manifesto

Sunday 29th November:  Ready and Waiting

Sunday 22nd November: Good-Endings

Sunday 15th November: People of the light

Sunday 8th November: Remember

Sunday 1st November: A vision of heaven

Sunday 25th October – Passion and purpose

Sunday 18th October: Giving things to God

Sunday 11th October: Joy and judgement

Sunday 4th October: purses that won’t wear out

Sunday 27th September: Celebrating God’s generous provision

Sunday 20th September: Following God’s Call

Sunday 13th September: Freely Forgive

Sunday 30th August:  Love in action

Sunday 23rd August: Gifts of the Spirit for acts of service

Sunday 16th August: Irrepressible Faith

Sunday 2nd August:  Compassion in action

Sunday 26th July 2020: The value of the Kingdom

Sunday 19th July 2020: The wheat and the tares

Sunday 12th July 2020: Life through the Spirit

Sunday 28th June 2020:  The reward of ministry

Sunday 21st June 2020:Called to follow our leader

Sunday 14th June 2020: Jesus sends his disciples out

Sunday 7th June 2020:  The Three in one God

Sunday 31st  May  2020: The fire of the spirit

Sunday 24th  May 2020:  What is on your heart

Sunday 10th April 2020: Another helper

Sunday 3rd April 2020: The Good shepherd

Sunday 1st March 2020: The testing of Jesus

Sunday 23rd February 2020: God’s glory made known in Christ

Sunday 16th February 2020: Don’t worry!

Sunday 22nd February 2020: Christ – the power and wisdom of God

Sunday 19th January 2020: Foundations for faith

Sunday 12th January 2020: The Baptism of Christ

Sunday 5th January 2020: He has made God known

Sunday 22nd December 2019: Joseph the dreamer

Sunday 15th December 2019: Preparing the way

Sunday 8th December 2019: The fruit of repentance

Sunday 1st December 2019: Standing Ready

Sunday 24th November 2019: Christ the King -authority and power

Sunday 10th November 2019: Conflict and cure – remembrance

Sunday 3rd November 2019: Knowing God and his power in us

Sunday 27th October 2019: Prayer that pleases God

Sunday 13th October 2019:Abiding in Christ

Sunday 6th October 2019: Authentic faith

Sunday 22nd September 2019:Nothing worthwhile is ever easy

Sunday 15th September 2019: The God who comes looking

Sunday 8th September 2019: A second chance

Sunday 1st September 2019:Living as those whose God is faithful

Sunday 25th August 2019:Jesus unlocks our prisons

Sunday 18th August 2019: Not peace but division

Sunday 11th August 2019: Faith is not blind

Sunday 4th August 2019:How are we dressed

Sunday 28th July 2019: Jesus teaches us to pray

Sunday  21st July 2019: Only one thing is necessary

Sunday 14th July 2019: who is my neighbour

Sunday 7th July 2019: Jesus’ mission and ours

Sunday 23rd June 2019:Peace restored

Sunday 16th June 2019: The church is born

Sunday 2nd June 2019 : The Gospel in action

Sunday 26th May 2019 :  Evangelism in action

Sunday 19th May 2019: In the den -standing firm  at Evensong

Sunday 12th May 2019: Listen and you will hear

Sunday 5th May 2019: At the Lakeside

Friday 19th April 2019:  Bringing the past to the cross

Sunday 7th April 2019: Embarrassing devotion

Sunday 31st March 2019: A pattern for Prayer

Sunday 17th March 2019: Citizens of heaven

Sunday 10th March 2019: The Baptism and temptations of Jesus

Sunday 3rd March 2019: God’s glory shown in Jesus

Sunday 24th Feb 2019: Who is this man!

Sunday 17th Feb 2019: The sermon on the plain

Sunday 10th Feb 2019: Letting Jesus lead us

Sunday 27th Jan 2019: The body beautiful

Saturday 19th Jan 2019: The nature of leadership – Men’s breakfast

Sunday 20th Jan 2019:  What can we ask God for?

Sunday 11th Nov 2018: Restoration and renewal

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